Sunday, November 6, 2011

A Christmas Crafternoon

This weekend the lovely roommate and I crafted Christmas decorations for our apartment. I'm planning to share all of these adorable crafts with you so you can bring a little spirit to your own room!

My first craft is extremely simple and a little time consuming. It's really great to do while watching Christmas movies with friends because it doesn't take a lot of focus.

First, pick a word that reminds you of the holidays or winter season... Examples would be NOEL, SNOW, PEACE, SANTA, XMAS, etc... The shorter your word the less time it will take you to make your craft! Run out to the nearest craft store and buy the letters to spell your word out.
These are the style of letters I used!
Next, pick a paint color that fits the holiday season. I picked a light aqua blue color that reminds me of the winter season and goes well with silver rhinestones. Also grab Tacky Glue and a tub of rhinestones.
Now, you can head home to paint your letters! After the paint dries you can begin to glue the rhinestones onto the letter. I suggest taking one side of a letter at a time.
Treat the rhinestones like puzzle pieces to try and get the best fit
I did the front side only at first to see what would work best,
if you like this look then you can end your crafting here!
In the end I decided to rhinestone every side.. I looove sparkles!
If you love sparkles and Christmas spirit then I hope you take the time to make your own rhinestoned craft this holiday season as well! Enjoy!

lindsay weasley

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