Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Day Zero Project

Hi my lovelies I just wanted to point out that there is a new tab you can click on, "Day Zero." Most of the information about the project can be found there, and I'm really excited to continue sharing my adventures via this blog rather than the old one!
I'm just going to leave you now with this fantastic photo. boy oh boy don't you want to party with me?

blog plans

as I mentioned in a previous post, the roomie and I ordered dresses from Red Velvet (owned by Elsie, Rachel, and Emma). on her blog before the dress line was released, Elsie did a series of "3 Ways to Wear It" for some of her dresses, but she never found the time to do it for my dress, the Geometry Class Dress! So I have decided to find time this week to make my own version for all of you since the Geometry Class Dress is still on sale. Maybe I'll collaborate with the roomie on this one even though her dress already had a "3 Ways to Wear It" post.

So get excited to see all the adorable ways you can make this lovely little dress anywhere from fancy to casual. I'm in love with it, a big congratulations to the whole crew at Red Velvet for such a successfully beautiful second dress line!

lindsay weasley

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Weasley's Wish List

As I try to avoid studying and homework, naturally I make my way back to my blog. Did you miss me?

Today I decided I want to post because I've been collecting quite a few tabs on my webbrowser to try and save all the things I adore and want badly, but it's become quite a mess to save them all, so I decided to post my little wish list here! I really love this idea for the blog because whenever the holidays come around I tend to blank on my thousands of wishes and regret it once they miraculously return post-holiday season.

Without further ado, you may now scroll down to Miss Weasley's Wish List!
JoTotes Camera Bags! I can't decide if I love the Betsy in mustard or the Millie in coral... Coral is such a beautiful color and would go with a lot of my favorite outfits, but the Betsy has pockets and would work well with all the Mizzou gold that I own! 

I love this handmade keychain I found on etsy. It may just be the recent 5 year anniversary with the boyfriend that made me feel a little cheesy but I'd really like to get him something sweet since 5 years is a little bit of a big deal...

I've been crazy about these Darlingtonia Mocassins/Red Velvet collab since they first came out! I've been going back and forth on whether or not I should buy them for a while. They're $129 so they're a little pricey, but they're handmade... and look at them! They're adorable and the bows are detachable. I'm in love.

I spotted this awesome vintage dress on Pinterest and have been picturing myself in it ever since. Boy oh boy do I wish I had a job and made money... Time to show this list to momma Weasley?

I've been on the search for a semi-larger purse since I got back to the Zou and realized that my teeny crossbodies just don't work for every occasion. I should buy this $20 gem and save my roommate from having her big blue purse stolen every day. It may be plain but it's basically my favorite purse that I already have but BIGGER!

My number one wish of all is to wake up next to this beautiful face every morning again. I miss my Gracie girl and want to kidnap her from my parents! 

Oh, and a flight for the boyfriend to come to my date party later this semester.

I assure you this won't be the end of the Weasley Wish Lists because I'm sure that by next week I'll be pining after many more things that I don't need. If I'm not something is wrong with me and you should worry. Until then, that's all!

lindsay weasley

Thursday, September 1, 2011

My Red Velvet Dress!

So tonight the Red Velvet fall dress collection was released (www.shopredvelvet.com) and my roommate and I snagged two of the most adorable handmade dresses!
The Geometry Class dress was my choice! I love the colors and the cut so much! Elsie and the crew at Red Velvet actually personally designed this fabric pattern, so I know it's really unique.
I looooove short little dresses, the low neckline in the back is just a plus! It actually has a matching tie that I would love to get the boyfriend but know he won't wear unless we go somewhere together and I match his tie.... still debating cause it's so adorable.
The roomie chose the Flower Shop dress for her very belated birthday gift. It's one of the cutest of the collection and is the first dress to sell out! It also has a nice low neckline in the back.
I am sooo excited that Kristin and I are roomies and share an apartment now... meaning we share a closet basically.

and thaaaaat's all for now.

love, lindsay weasley