Thursday, September 1, 2011

My Red Velvet Dress!

So tonight the Red Velvet fall dress collection was released ( and my roommate and I snagged two of the most adorable handmade dresses!
The Geometry Class dress was my choice! I love the colors and the cut so much! Elsie and the crew at Red Velvet actually personally designed this fabric pattern, so I know it's really unique.
I looooove short little dresses, the low neckline in the back is just a plus! It actually has a matching tie that I would love to get the boyfriend but know he won't wear unless we go somewhere together and I match his tie.... still debating cause it's so adorable.
The roomie chose the Flower Shop dress for her very belated birthday gift. It's one of the cutest of the collection and is the first dress to sell out! It also has a nice low neckline in the back.
I am sooo excited that Kristin and I are roomies and share an apartment now... meaning we share a closet basically.

and thaaaaat's all for now.

love, lindsay weasley

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