Tuesday, September 27, 2011

blog plans

as I mentioned in a previous post, the roomie and I ordered dresses from Red Velvet (owned by Elsie, Rachel, and Emma). on her blog before the dress line was released, Elsie did a series of "3 Ways to Wear It" for some of her dresses, but she never found the time to do it for my dress, the Geometry Class Dress! So I have decided to find time this week to make my own version for all of you since the Geometry Class Dress is still on sale. Maybe I'll collaborate with the roomie on this one even though her dress already had a "3 Ways to Wear It" post.

So get excited to see all the adorable ways you can make this lovely little dress anywhere from fancy to casual. I'm in love with it, a big congratulations to the whole crew at Red Velvet for such a successfully beautiful second dress line!

lindsay weasley

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