Sunday, October 2, 2011

it's a bird.. it's a plane... it's SUPER MOUSE.

So recently, my roommate and I have recently discovered that we actually have a third roommate, a mouse. Since the roomie is gone for the weekend and won't return until the wee hours of the morning tomorrow, Winston and I have the place the ourselves. Or Scabbers. Or Ratatouille Junior. Well, we all sort of have different name for Mr. Mouse (oh, that's another one) but the only thing we all seem to have subconciously agreed on is that the little monster is a boy.

First of all, my main question is "how on EARTH did a mouse maneuver it's way to the 4th floor of a brand apartment complex?" Since there are no Tom and Jerry mouse holes in sight this is still a mystery to us. Our only conclusion is he must be super mouse, which frightens me. At first I was jumping on the counter screaming at the sight of him, but after a few days of him still not being caught in our mouse traps we have learned to coexist with him and ignore him. Until we find droppings.

Back to the real point of the post, to share pictures of the cabinet building adventure with the roomie!
Kristin put on the shoes of "man of the house" and put together our awesome cabinet while we rocked face masks and watched How I Met Your Mother season 6! That's all I have to share of this adventure :)

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