Thursday, July 14, 2011

Emma Watson Appreciation Post

“I loved doing it because I can relate to what she goes through. I so know that frustration where guys can be so insensitive....Hermione is so insecure about herself and she's never really had any attention from a guy before that when she sees Viktor looking at her it's like, 'Is that guy really looking at me?' ... She does not know what's happening to her and she gets caught up in this whirlwind.” -Emma Watson
“I'm so close to her that I feel that I don't have to act any more. It seems like I'm barely doing anything sometimes. She turned into someone that a lot of people can identify with. She's a great role model.” -Emma Watson
Emma Watson is a role model for girls everywhere. she is a fashion icon, a great actress and is actually a smart girl (she got into Brown, duh). i love how the trio has become the people that have played and grown into these roles.

a big thanks to the trio for giving up their childhood to a series that made mine.

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