Monday, July 4, 2011

posting at last!

hello there my (imaginary) readers! after working on my blog's basic design (which we all know will be a never-ending work in progress) and my about me (see the parentheses after design...) for a while now i have finally decided to write my first post! shocking that i've put off the real purpose of this blog for at least a solid week (okay, maybe more) now. for the friends and family who stumble across this, the basic idea of this blog is just a place for me to collect all the things i like in one place and to keep track of my life digitally (cause diaries just aren't trendy anymore, right?!). for those of you who are less blog savvy you can think of akalindsayweasley as a magazine of sorts. there will be plenty of photography and fashion and excitement and obviously, complaining.

now that we're past all the little introductions, let's get into some real content.

i've just arrived home from our fourth of july holiday visit to the cousins (happy fourth everyone!) and now i'm ready to give you a glimpse of the things i'm currently obsessed with.

today's eye candy a.k.a obsessions 

#1. neon
i am craaaazy about all things neon right now. nail polish, shirts, bags, anything. if they make it in neon you can bet that i'm dying to take it home with me. my fingers and toes are currently a matching pinky/orange neon that makes me smile everytime it catches my eye. so dear readers please take advantage of this fabulous fashion fase (yes i know it's spelled phase, but i couldn't resist the alliteration.) and get yourself something neon!

#2. office attire

okay, so this obsession may be because i am in inter this summer. everytime i go shopping or browsing or just wishing things were mine, i find myself thinking "could i get away with wearing that into the office on monday?" most of the time the answer is probably no, but i tell myself yes anyways. so here's to the slightly more conservative dresses, skirts, button ups, and heels for this edition of obsessions!
 #3. vintage
i can't say that i own a lot of vintage (okay, i only own one vintage dress...) but i am absolutely loving all the vintage looks that i'm seeing online lately. hopefully i can go on a vintage shopping trip soon and start my own personal collection of beautiful antique decor and vintage clothing. i went to an antique store with my college roomie and loved all the old lamps the most. they have a homie feel to them. 

#4. CB2
in the past week i got a bed, a table, and will probably soon be purchasing a shower curtain ALL from CB2! i am getting soooooo excited to move into my apartment with my roomie in the fall and love all the furniture that CB2 has to offer. i am currently swooning over this adorable red dresser. i have always wanted a red piece of furniture and guys, this may be "the one"! so hopefully i will put my purchase down for that one soon. :) also, we'll probably be getting barstools from there, so basically CB2 and i are besties this summer.
#5. heels and wedges
this summer i have been gaga for all things that give me the extra height i don't need a.k.a. heels and wedges. from suede to glitter to wooden i love them all. my recent purchases are from madden girl (the glitter heels), free people (suede pink wedges), and anthropologie (the wooden heels). i have already gotten a ton of use from my free people wedges, but the glitters and anthro shoes haven't had their chance to shine in the limelight yet, so hopefully they will soon! 

 well this first post is finally coming to an end (much to my brother's liking because he's been begging me to join him in the real world and do something else for quite a while now) but i hope that you enjoy looking at all the eye candy a.k.a obsessions that i had to share!

lindsay a.k.a lindsay weasley


  1. I LOVE IT ! KNOW I CAN KNOW ALL SORTS OF STUFF ABOUT YOU: ) creepy i know! haha But also I wish that I had thought of it first! I just have to go and put my creativity somewhere else now. hmmpf. hehe. I am glad that I am now getting updates on your life! And you better text me every time you post!

    Andie (aka Andie Gray Gubler) (aka I really need to start learning how to pronounce his name if I am going to be married to him of sorts.)

  2. ALSO it is so freaking hard to comment on this blog! I had to first: Get an Account second: Re-type my whole message and third: enter a code again to make sure that I was a real person.


    end of story