Thursday, July 14, 2011

first and foremost.... HAPPY HARRY POTTER LAST PREMIERE DAY! today feels like a confusing mix of celebration and a funeral. as the end of the era arrives we all anticipate what's next. will POTTERMORE be a success or will our only outlets be to re-read the books, re-watch the movies, and hopefully visit the park at Universal Studios?
secondly, i obviously didn't follow through with my 1 post a day until the movie. i will finish my series, it just won't end as climatic and nostalgically as I thought it would since it won't be ending on premiere day. when you work full time it's hard to make time for these things!
so tonight my brother and i will be taking the final leap together. he's a latecomer to the series and only just read the whole series this summer. i'm SO happy that we get to bond over this experience together and wear HP clothing together and cry together as we watch the grand finale
 leave me a comment to tell me what YOU plan to do for the premiere, and more importantly leave me comments when the movie is over and tell me what you thought. i will definitely be posting my comments on the blog in a post. i know i have a few friends in foreign countries (cough bari, kristin, emily) and some of them won't be able to see the movie when it is released since i don't think Ghana or Honduras will be having a big harry potter premiere.... so i will write both a spoilers and NON spoilers post a.k.a. one with specifics of the movie and one with general how i think it turned out!
 i will be posting more harry potter throughout the day as i get moments for breaks at work!

lindsay a.k.a. lindsay weasley

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