Monday, July 25, 2011

obsessions: red hot

my love for red hair and my love for the weasleys is similar to the tale of the chicken and the egg, people can debate about which came first for ages to come. until i start making my own money, i'm allowed to be pretty much any color hair except red, and therefore plan to dye it red as a graduation present to myself when i finish college.

in the meanwhile i dream of red hot locks and envy others. here are some perfect shades of red i wish were on my head :)
Spiderman came on T.V. on Saturday evening (after a late night of karaoke with my dad and brother) and it reminded me of how perfect Kirstin Dunst's ginge look was as MJ. if only i had a real excuse to dye my hair...
fun fact! Emma Stone is NOT a natural red head, she is naturally a blonde. i think Emma and i would get along just fine now that i know this.
Florence + the Machine has a perfect shade of red. please. be. mine. i'll also just take her voice while i'm at it.
this stranger also has a lovely more auburn red, which is probably more of the color i will gift myself with!

P.S. who likes the blog's new makeover? anyone? anyone? bueller? bueller?

lindsay a.k.a. lindsay weasley

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