Sunday, July 31, 2011

pottermore & more & more

&& in that moment my life was COMPLETE <3

I AM ONE IN A MILLION TO GAIN EARLY ENTRANCE TO POTTERMORE! my excitement can barely be contained and it's taking everything i have in me not to run down the street shouting it out! AccioDawn29 is offish in business. I will have to wait until the magical quill promotion is over, but i can live with that. :)

for those of you who have been living under a rock, i'll give a short explanation of what i understand Pottermore will be as well as the epic amazing story as to how i earned my early admittance...

Pottermore is the next step in the Harry Potter series. we will get to re-read the books we cherish so much, but this time around we will be living the story. we begin as a first year and get sorted into a house and a wand chooses us and so on. it sounds like it's slightly computer game ish, but mostly you get to read and as you read, never before revealed information will be given to us. all in all it's an interactive potter encyclopedia.

to get early access the website is giving 7 days for 7 different chances to register early. as someone in marketin/advertising this whole idea is completely brilliant. this is a raving fandom that can be a little competitive as to who is a "bigger fan." so all the crazies (such as myself) were willing to stay up until all hours of the night to be a part of the promotion and get in.

each day there is a clue (day 1=sorcerer's stone, day 2=chamber of secrets, etc.) and you use this clue to locate the "magical quill" so it can determine if you are magical or not! no one knows what time the clue is posted, but my friend ANDIE (HOLLA AT MY MOST AVID READER!) and i heard a rumor that the clue would be up at 2 a.m. well the clue was a lie, but i cleverly decided i would set an alarm for every hour of the night so i could check pottermore (cause you know that's perfectly sane). at 3 a.m. i checked even though i didn't expect anything but THERE IT WAS! the clue had literally only been posted about 1 minute before i got on. i immediately call Andie to wake her and say HOW MANY OWLS ARE ON THE SIGN IN FRONT OF EYELOPS OWLS? her immediate response: 5. Andie had been suspicious that it would have to do with "Follow the Owl" since that was part of the announcement of Pottermore and obviously, she is a freaking genius. we both log in our answers (5x49=245) and register our awesome user names and get our confirmation emails within the hour. 

I would like to give many thanks to the ever-fabulous Andrea for being just as nerdy and caring just as much as me. <3 we are the greatest Pottermore team in the world.

in other news, i have recently acquired some fabulous new nail polish i'd like to share here!

i actually wanted to try the O.P.I Shattered, but they didn't have any black left in the store, so i decided that Sally Hansen's Crackle is the same freaking thing anyways so I gave this a shot. I put it with gold because I'll be rocking these colors at school football games, and I must say I'm very please with the results! The stuff definitely works, just don't layer it on too thick or it's confusing and clumpy.
buy two get one free is a glorious thing. the glitter color is amaaaaaaazing. it's called birthday party and like the girl who sold it to me said "it's like a fiesta on your fingers!" the grey is called waking up in vegas for reasons i don't understand, but the girl selling it to me just called it concrete, a name i prefer. the coral pink color is called daytripper but i'll probably just call it that pinky coral color forever.
i applied the fiesta finger glitter over my already painted neon pink toes and was pleased.

last but not least for this post, my fashionista posting! i just wanted to show off my new shirt and headband. i feel like a modern Rosie the Riveter.
 kind of? sort of? maybe it's all in my head but i don't really care cause i like it? cool.
(outfit details: shirt and shorts- j crew, headband-nordstroms)

lindsay a.k.a. lindsay weasley

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