Tuesday, July 5, 2011

ten things i love about harry potter

with 10 days left until my life is over the last harry potter movie is released, i've decided to do a mini series of 10 things i love about harry potter. 10 things barely even covers my love, but it's a nice even number and with 10 days, it fits perfectly!

 1. the weasley family

i decided to share my love of the weasley family as my first reason because i think it explains my internet alias, lindsayweasley. i started reading the harry potter series when i was very young. harry, ron, hermione, and i grew up together. seeing harry grow up with no family always broke my heart, but truly harry did have a family. harry always had the weasleys.

this family captured my heart and made me desperate to be a part of their family. who wouldn't want arthur and molly weasley to be their parents? or to have fred and george be their brothers? it's so beautiful to read how time and time again they place so much importance in family, even percy eventually comes around to see that your family are the ones who are always there for you no matter what you do.

also, it doesn't hurt that they all have lovely red hair and i have a personal death wish to be a ginger...

back to my explanations. one of my favorite scenes to read in the series is when harry first arrives at the burrow in chamber of secrets. rowling's description of the burrow completely mesmorizes me and really shows how welcoming of a home and how welcoming of a family the weasleys truly are. it's the beginning of harry finding a home that wants him and parents and siblings who love him unconditionally.

for me the weasleys are a safe welcome home everytime i revisit the series. that's why i want to be one of them, and that's also why i always pick the books back up, over and over again.
lindsay a.k.a. lindsay weasley

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