Thursday, July 7, 2011

ten things i love about harry potter PART THREE

it's time again for another way-too-late-at-night post about harry potter! with the harry potter premiere already being over in london it's really starting to hit me that this will truly be the end of an era. luckily we can always reread the books and watch the movies at home!

#3 quidditch

the creativity and thought that jk rowling put into quidditch is simply mind-blowing to me. i like to think of myself as a creative person typically, but forming an entire sport is something else entirely. quidditch is a game wher you not only get to be a bamf by flying on a broom, but it's a game that basically has 3 different things happening simultaneously. we see a lot of quidditch at hogwarts, but not only are we given that, we're even given national teams to root for at the quidditch world cup.
in quidditch we find harry at his best. this is the one thing harry truly feels great about. it is the one thing he feels confident in and that makes him feel good about himself. he isn't the kind of character who wants a lot of attention from people, in fact he sort of wishes he was in the spotlight a lot less. when harry plays quidditch he embraces the spotlight and hardly even notices. there's no uncomfortable and awkward harry, it's just the confident boy we love.
what's also awesome about quidditch is you don't have to be a witch or wizard to play, because some geniuses decided to create muggle quidditch thenewgreatestsportonearth. colleges all across the U.S. have started up quidditch teams and personally i find it kind of REALLY awesome.
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