Monday, July 11, 2011

take me out to the ballgame

one of my favorite things about summer are texas rangers games. i wouldn't consider myself much of a sports fanatic. saying i like any sport is sort of an overstatement... but i love the rangers. they are the only team i've ever really cared for, and that says a lot if you know me.

baseball is so wonderful because it's a sport that's slow enough to see exactly what's happening when it happens and also slow enough that if you leave your seat for a drink, chances are you won't miss anything. the atmosphere of a baseball game is so wonderful. you have the mix of families, couples, friends, and intense fans attending, so everyone sort of fits in there. everyone is there to just have a great hot dog and to enjoy the weather. i really hope i'll be able to get out to another game before i leave home to head back to school!

lindsay a.k.a. lindsay weasley

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